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I’m Michelle Ein. I’ve devoted my entire legal career to helping condominium and homeowner associations solve problems and keep the peace. To me, these mini-democracies are a model for how regular people can come together to govern themselves. The key is having the right guidance. And that’s where I come in.

I spent a decade working alongside attorney James L. Strichartz, one of the authors of the Washington Condominium Act and a nationally recognized leader in our field. In other words, I learned from the best! So I understand the law—but more importantly, I understand people. Which means I help boards move effectively through conflict, indecision, and strife.

The issues you encounter as a board member may be new to you—but they’re not to me. Here are just a few challenges you might be facing that I can assist with:

  • your building exteriors are damaged or at the end of their useful life, requiring extensive, expensive repairs and there are insufficient funds in the association’s operating and reserve accounts;
  • an owner is suing the board over how your association is governed;
  • a resident is waging a social media war against your association, your management company, and/or the board;
  • your governing documents’ rental provisions do not reflect what’s actually happening with rentals at the property;
  • you’ve heard that state law may have changed your association’s duties and rights, but you don’t know exactly how.

I’ve helped many, many boards navigate positive resolutions from all these kinds of issues and more. I do it by listening, finding common ground, defusing conflict, and helping everyone come to see the resolution that will best solve the problem with the least amount of cost and hassle.

I would love to give you a free consult to hear about the issues you’re facing and discuss how I might be able to help.


Veridian Cove

Michelle Ein has been the attorney for our condominium HOA for the past several years. She has done excellent work for us, advising us on legalities, helping us amend governing documents, and dealing with litigious owners.

She worked with me very closely two years ago when we had a crisis involving a member of our Board. She not only gave the Board legal advice, but made herself available to us by phone, email, and in person on many occasions that year as we worked through the crisis. She went above and beyond what I expected from an attorney. I highly recommend her as counsel for any HOA.

Ellen Acton, Homeowner Association Board President
Veridian Cove Condominium

Nautilus Condo Owners Association

Michelle Ein has served as our Association’s general legal counsel for more than a decade. Exercising a demeanor that is consistently professional and personable, Michelle’s insight and advice has always been thoughtful, thorough and sound. Michelle also served as an excellent litigator representing our Association when it was sued by two contentious owners, patiently guiding our Board through a stressful maze of four years of litigation until settlement was reached.

All along the way, through thick and thin, Michelle has been our sounding board, legal action point, and a source of confidence in knowing we’re in good hands. It is with gratitude that we recommend Michelle to any potential client or Association.

Mike Schultz, Board of Directors President
Nautilus Condo Owners Association

Village on Main Street

Michelle Ein has provided invaluable counseling to the Village on Main Street Board and Homeowners Association regarding our Governing Documents, namely the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s). When those documents required modification, Ms. Ein recommended experienced council to handle that work.

Michelle also has attended and moderated homeowner town hall meetings. Her skillful response to difficult, complex questions received at those meetings mitigated potentially tense confrontations. Ms. Ein appears to be experienced in Homeowner Association issues and has a straightforward, no-nonsense approach in providing guidance to the board and to the benefit of the Association as a whole.

Village on Main Street Homeowners Association Board of Directors

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